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FRAME.life Terms of Service and Data Policy

FRAME is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to visual documentation and dissemination. Any revenues generated by FRAME including but not limited to grants, sponsorships, and partnerships, are dedicated to the continued sustainability and work of FRAME. We commit to using revenues to ensure that the collective photo documentary model survives and that FRAME.life becomes the home of a unique model for community driven self-expression and documentation.

Ownership of content uploaded to FRAME.life:
Photos taken during FRAME events are part of a collective documentary initiative. FRAME and the photographer will exercise co-ownership of the photography, meaning the photographer has full ownership of his/her photos while FRAME reserves the right to use the images in public installations, exhibits, publications, and promotional materials. In all public displays and/or publications, FRAME Beirut will give credit to the photographer. FRAME reserves the right to share the photography with other media and non-media organizations.

FRAME is not a photo agency. Any potential interest in or sale of photo collections or individual photos will be coordinated with the photographer on a case by case basis.

Nature of content uploaded to FRAME.life:
We don’t believe in censorship. The user agrees not to post content that is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic, and/or incites violence. FRAME reserves the right to remove photos and other content deemed to contain hate speech, are threatening to communities or individuals, are pornographic, or incite violence. The user agrees that all images uploaded to FRAME.life are original works.

Personal Information shared with FRAME.life:
The user will not solicit login information or access an account belonging to someone else. The user agrees to create only one account and provide accurate personal information during the account creation process and any subsequent account information updates or changes. FRAME.life will not share personal information of account holders with any third party entities.

FRAME commits to doing our best to ensure the security of your information. Unfortunately, in the digital age, we cannot guarantee it, however we have put in place anti-hacking and security safeguards for your protection.

Photos on the FRAME.life website are generated through on-the-ground collective photo documentary events. FRAME is not responsible for any injury or loss of property to any person suffered while participating in these events.

The account holder confirms that he/she is physically and mentally capable of participating in on-the-ground collective photo documentary events and understands that street photography sometimes involves risk depending on the location and subject of the photography.

FRAME.life reserves the right to adjust Terms and Data Policy and will notify within all current account holders of any policy changes within a 30 day period after any change occurs.

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